How Can Homework Help In Child Study Habits ?

homework is a part of life of a student.which is necessary for a student to increase study habit not only at school but home too.normally student study at school. But at home a child most of his time spend doing other activities.homework is a thing which makes him or her study at home too.its a good habit doing regular homework cause this makes a child more interested in study.

Reason Why Homework Is Good:

 1. Child when doing homework he or she is revising the stuff.

 2. Concentration increase and interest in that topic increase.

 3. Lear to use other resources to get more knowledge.

 4. Learn skills.


 5. Remember for a long time and clear doubts for particular topics.

 6. Also as homework finishes they will feel released and ready for the next thing to do. And became more  creative.

 7. Daily habit of homework not only makes the child smart but he gains confidence and punctuality.

 8. Doing homework may develop questions in the child brain so next day they can ask question and explore more about the subject.

So basically guys homework is the most important learning experiment held by schools for the internal development of a child and keep the child active in study at home too.

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